Private Penguin Kindergarten is the only private kindergarten that can boast of its own program approved by the ​ strokovnega sveta RS za splošno izobraževanje ​ ( ​ Expert Council of the Republic of Slovenia for General Education) ​ (ID 184072 01, based on decision 602-8 / 1997).

Expert Council Opinion on the Penguin Kindergarten Program: Expert Council Opinion

The program follows the planned annual work plan throughout the year and adapts to the weather and current events as needed.

We place great emphasis on the LIVING and MOVEMENT OUTDOORS.

The Penguin Kindergarten runs an educational program for children from the first year to preparation before going to school.
DAILY PROGRAM runs up to 9 hours for children I and II. age range, namely:

  • Heterogeneous compartments of the 1st age range (Puhek Kindergarten),
  • Heterogeneous sections 2nd age range (Penguin Kindergarten).